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Sponsors on our Platform are increasing business by offering Supply Chain Financing, Insurance Premium Financing (IPF), Issue and Amendment of Bonds/Guarantees and Letters of Credit.

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What is Trade Finance?


In a Trade Finance transaction, Banks provide funding to Corporates and their Suppliers.

Wallet Trade Finance Platform by linking Corporates (Off Takers), Suppliers and Banks (Sponsors)through a Standardized Digital Platform,aims to Lower Costs, mitigate the Risk of Double Financing Fraudulent Trade Information and enabling SME suppliers access Credit to fulfil their Orders.

In the Cloud

We are in the Cloud, and Smart Phone ready you can access us from anywhere in the world and while on the GO – you can download the Mobile Apps or use the USSD for when out of anInternet Network or for non-smartphone based suppliers.

Expert Support

Our Trade Finance Consultants are ready and available to support all inquiries across Proposals, Onboarding, User Training and Technology Support.

Our Features

Fully Digital

We are fully digital enabling the creation of E-Purchase Orders, your supplier can issue an E-Invoice of the Goods/Services supplied, each receiving a unique ID, time stamped and available for Download for filling.

Payment Gateway

Fully integrated with a Payment Gateway, enabling Invoice Discount Facility Disbursements across Mobile Money Number’s and direct Bank Transfers.

Bank Grade Security

Built on an industry leading Authentication Protocol including One Time Password (OTP), Security Questions, Email Verification and Password#, we aim to manage security

Document Vault

Search, Find, Store and Access your Purchase Orders, Invoices for future references or simply Download a hard copy for filling.

Get Started with Wallet Trade Finance Platform


Start using Wallet Trade Finance Platform it’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

Sign Up


Fillin your details get a One Time Password (OTP), input Answers to 5 Security Questions, verify your Email ID and you are ready to Go.

Access Your Dashboard


Update your Profile, Password, and Security Questions, explore your Dashboard, and use the Virtual Assistant for a Guided Tour of the Platform.

Generate Your
E-Purchase Order (PO)


As a Corporate/Off Taker invite your suppliers via Email, and go ahead to generate your first Electronic Purchase Order (PO), Download it for filling or simply save it into your Document Management System.









Trillion US$

Annual GDP


Trade Finance Solutions

Insure Wallet – your Digital Premium Finance Solution.


It’s a convenient way to pay for your Insurance. Rather than having to pay a large sum up front to cover the premium, you can instead spread the cost by paying in smaller regular installments. It can help you budget more effectively and use the cash to increase profits.

Sign Agreement


Electronically Sign the Insurance Premium Finance Agreement

Make Initial Installment


Confirm your Application with your Initial Payment – usually the first Installment on your Payment Plan.




Manage your Account, View Payment History, Check Status of Application, Confirm Insurance Providers, Edit Payment Details.

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Wallet Trade Finance Platform uses Technology to connect supply chains enabling the network participants to Interact, Connect and transact efficiently in a cost effective manner.


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